Awakening the Chakras EXTENDED Binaural Beat Edition

by Ben Carroll

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Over 7 hours of music!!

Theta Wave Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment technology is used in this album. Listening with STEREO HEADPHONES is STRONGLY SUGGESTED to get the full benefit of the binaural beat technology.

This album uses Perfect Pitch Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls naturally tuned to 432hz layered with a Theta Wave Binaural Beat.

Binaural beats are used in this meditation album to entrain your brainwaves to patterns exhibited during specific mental activities. These are the "beats" you may hear in each ear. They are producing specific patterns in your brainwaves. The binaural beats used in this album are Theta waves, a low frequency usually associated with meditation, astral projection and accelerated learning.

Theta waves are associated with:
➤ LETTING GO of Fear, Overthinking & Worries
➤ Increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability
➤ Deep relaxation
➤ Improved memory
➤ Heightened intuition and inspiration
➤ Calms the chatter of your mind
➤ Increased psychic abilities and sense of spiritual connection
➤ Speed healing, improved physical healing
➤ More restful sleep
➤ Release beneficial hormones related to health and longevity
➤ Reduce mental fatigue
➤ Reduction of anxiety and stress

Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and can help us to be more compassionate and loving.

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released July 7, 2017



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