Multidimensional Voice

by Ben Carroll

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Diana Dee
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Diana Dee This music is rather hypnotic, great for meditation, yoga or other introspective activities. I enjoy its calming, centering qualities. Use it to enhance your morning "getting in the zone" routine and have a fabulously creative and productive day!!
Peggy Brick
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Peggy Brick The power and beauty of Ben's voice shines through this album!


Hello friends,

Multidimensional Voice is an album that I've been working on quietly for well over the past year and a half. This album is not about writing songs, it's not about trying to get on the radio, it's not about anything except allowing myself to express something that needed to be expressed, and honoring the journey of sound & vibration exploration that I've been on for the past several years...learning how to function in that resonance. This was no small undertaking, the full album is currently clocking in at just below 74min, now that I've shaved it down so that I could fit it all onto just 1 CD.

Musically Multidimensional Voice is a bit of a departure from any project that I've been involved with in the past...but this was music that was calling out to me to be made. This is an album that has been created straight from my heart & soul, straight from my own exploration of finding my place on this planet, finding my voice, and my connection to (and exploration of) sound & vibration from a spiritual perspective. I've been pulled towards this sound and the potency of using voice as an instrument without words for sometime now. It's taken me several years of experimentation, and allowing myself to drift into whatever musical whims I've felt, to organically find my way and emerge with this sound, to the point where I can now present it as a cohesive album.

To me this album is many things, but I suppose first and foremost, it is the product of a spiritual exploration that has been deeply connected to sound, vibration & resonance through voice. This music came about organically by allowing myself the time & space to try and understand the potency of that magical combination, a combination that has been used in ceremony and as a mode of consciousness transport by many peoples since before recorded history. Sound is powerful, the power of sound is transcendent...transcendent sound organized into music is an experience that changes your vibration, one that can greatly enhance your life. Uplifting music will uplift your life. =)

I've recorded this whole album using the tuning of A 432hz. If you are interested in that type of thing, there is a plethora of information out there about A432...and you can always ask me.
I'm hoping to continue in this direction in the coming year, I'm dreaming of landing some soundtrack gigs, and things of such. We will see how this plays out, it's quite a departure in sound from any of my past work.

In kindness, compassion, & hope,
Ben Carroll

(Album cover photo by Eileen King Parenteau)


“Gloriously beautiful in almost gentle manner this is a most welcome modern addition to the ancient rhythms of chanting in the very best of the tradition.” - Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

“...far more than just incredible and highly skilled musical talent, it borrows from ancient means of sonic vibration, melodic chanting, traditional instruments, modern digital instruments and the power of the voice, to weave a tapestry created in magic.” - Conscious Living Magazine

"This is some of the best music I have heard in the genre in quite a while" – Sherry Finzer, RS Promotions


released August 8, 2016

All music written and performed by Ben Carroll
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Ben Carroll
Artwork design by Ben Carroll
Photo by Eileen King Parenteau


all rights reserved



InnerSelfSustained Portland, Maine

~ Ben Carroll ~

Musician // Sound Healer // Teacher

Former Universal Recording Artist trying to help bring light and kindness to this world...

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